Exhibition Texts / Programme Texts / Press Releases

Holly Herndon (Barbican, Programme Text, 2019)
Kronos Quartet & Trevor Paglen (Barbican, Programme Text, 2019)
Alphabet (Barbican, Programme Text, 2019)
Max Cooper (Barbican, Programme Text, 2019)
Clint Mansell (Barbican, Programme Text, 2019)
Cross-Side Crystal Hybrid Orbital (HVW8 Gallery, Press Release, 2021)
Against the Wall (HVW8 Gallery, Press Release, 2020)
City of Quartz (HVW8 Gallery, Press Release, 2020)
Pause in Your Flight (HVW8 Gallery, Press Release, 2020)
Selections (HVW8 Gallery, Press Release, 2019)
Le Lucky (HVW8 Gallery, Press Release, 2019)
Manuel Osterholt (HVW8 Gallery, Press Release, 2019)
The Good, the Purple and the Weird (HVW8 Gallery, Press Release, 2019)
Wild at Hand (HVW8 Gallery, Press Release, 2018)
Uncategorized Chi Modu (HVW8 Gallery, Press Release, 2018)
Atiba Jefferson (HVW8 Gallery, Press Release, 2018)
Sebastian Haslauer (HVW8 Gallery, Press Release, 2017)
Activations at The Turnpike (The Turnpike, Press Release, 2021)︎︎︎
Fallen Angels Dance Theatre & Frances Disley: Epic Luxe (The Turnpike, Press Release, 2020)︎︎︎
Understated: Celebrating the Creativity of Pete Shelley (The Turnpike, Press Release, 2019)︎︎︎
The Turnpike Pottery with Lindsey Mendick (The Turnpike, Press Release, 2018)︎︎︎


Industry Insider: Saffron founder Laura Lewis-Paul (Mixmag, Article, 2019)
Interview with urban planner Victoria Okoye (Freunde von Freunden, Article, 2018)
Ones and Heroes (Intern x SuperHi, Article & Interviews, 2018)
Rewriting the Future (Intern x SuperHi, Article & Interviews, 2018)
Interview with Afrodeutsche (Plain text here) (210 Magazine, Article, 2018)
In conversation with curatorial collective Rhino (Dateagle Art, Interview, 2018)
Making a Life, Castlefield Gallery: Exhibition Review (Dateagle Art, Article, 2018)
Cécile B. Evans: ‘Sprung a Leak’ at Tate Liverpool (Berlin Art Link, Exhibition Review, 2017)
Navine G. Khan-Dossos: ‘Command: Print’ at NOME(Berlin Art Link, Exhibition Review, 2016)
Dellbrügge & de Moll (Berlin Art Link, Interview, 2016)
‘Uncertain States’ at Akademie der Künste (Berlin Art Link, Exhibition Review, 2016)
Katharina Marszewski’s ‘Unnecessary Warsaw Correspondent’ at Exile (Berlin Art Link, Exhibition Review, 2016)
Sobey Art Prize Winner: An Interview with Jeremy Shaw (Berlin Art Link, Interview, 2016)
Anne Imhof’s ‘Angst II’ at Hamburger Bahnhof (Berlin Art Link, Exhibition Review, 2016)
Julia Stoschek Collection: ‘Welt am Draht’ (Berlin Art Link, Exhibition Review, 2016)

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