Brit Seaton


Programme texts for shows in the Barbican’s Contemporary Music programme, featuring interviews with the artist

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Holly Herndon – PROTO
Trevor Paglen – Sight Machine
Clint Mansell – Moon
Max Cooper – Yearning for the Infinite
Alva Noto & Anne-Jame Chaton – Alphabet

2019–2020 (Writing)

Holly Herndon  

RVNG Intl.

Release copy and artist biographies for Brooklyn-based music institution RVNG Intl.

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Lucrecia Dalt No era sólida
Oliver Coates skins n slime
2019–2020 (Writing)

Left: Lucrecia Dalt - No era sólida / Right: Oliver Coates - skins n slime

The Turnpike

Understated celebrating the creativity of Pete Shelley

Press release, exhibition wall texts, audio production and installation assistance for understated, an exhibition exploring the legacy of Buzzcocks frontman Pete Shelley in his hometown of Leigh

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2019 (Writing, Production, Install)

Installation view, photo by Livia Lazar

HVW8 Gallery

Wild at Hand a group exhibition of contemporary drawing, co-curated with Jenny Ames at HVW8 Gallery Berlin

As a celebration of work created on paper, the exhibition brings together a distinctive selection of drawings by fourteen artists, showcasing a variety of explorations in graphite, pastel, ink and mixed media practiced today. WILD AT HAND collates work diverse in medium, subject and mood. Each artist’s stylized ode to figuration captures their wild sense of imagination as represented on paper, presenting reflexive contemplations of identity and lived experience, alongside thoughtful muses on the world around.

Read full press release written by me here

2018 (Curation)

Social media graphic for the show

HVW8 Gallery

Press releases, wall texts and other copy for exhibitions and events at HVW8 Gallery Berlin and LA

Select press releases:
Against the Wall
City of Quartz
Pause in Your Flight
Chi Modu
Atiba Jefferson
2017–2020 (Writing)

Wall text for Atiba Jefferson’s 2018 show Heart-Shaped Box