Flipping the Script
for Intern Magazine x SuperHi

Commissioned by Intern Magazine and SuperHi to develop and write the article series Flipping the Script, which investigates the ways in which change can be started in online spaces, with offline impact

Part One

Ones and Heroes

Ones and Heroes explores the work of those who are using their online platforms to call for social change, featuring interviews with Hoda Katebi, Mandy Harris Williams, Maggie Matić and Sadé Mica.

“With the help of our online presence, we possess the ability to organise ourselves and our systems in a way that initiates sparks of positive change ... but the real work should be continued with our devices faced down and our heads brought out of the cloud”

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Part Two

Rewriting the Future

Rewriting the Future takes a look at digital practices of archiving, which are claiming new spaces for cultural narratives pushed to the margins of art history.

“Blowing the dust off traditional systems of collecting, classifying and display not only reveals their biases, it also reminds us to think critically about the information we encounter in mainstream institutions”

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The Sooner Now
for Freunde von Freunden x MINI

Commissioned by Freunde von Freunden and MINI to interview urban planner and researcher Victoria Okoye in preparation for her talk at FvF x MINI: The Sooner Now conference in Berlin

Urban planner and researcher Victoria Okoye shares her vision for the future of city planning. Conscious of the disconnect between urban planning and the residents who are impacted, Victoria is working towards a more collaborative approach to design —one that establishes the expertise of the citizens as a crucial part of the process. Read here

RŪH Collective

Commissioned by Grey House PR to write three long-form features with creative protagonists for contemporary womenswear brand RŪH Collective: artist Jessalyn Brooks, illustrator Isabelle Feliu and stylist Maaike Staal. Interviews conducted via call and transcribed.

Read via RŪH’s online journal here

IGNANT Magazine

Over 200 design, fashion, architecture, photography and travel articles written for IGNANT Magazine (2017 – 2018)

Work including:
· Researching and pitching articles
· Writing and editing articles with Wordpress
· Image selection and layout
View author page on IGNANT here

Berlin Art Link

Arts Journalist for Berlin Art Link 2016 – Present

Work including:
· Researching and pitching reviews and interviews
· Articles published with Wordpress
· Image selection and layout
· Writing announcements and marketing content for upcoming exhibitions and events
View all work for BAL here

Writing samples for Berlin Art Link
(Anne Imhof, Katharina Marszewski, Cécile B. Evans, Julia Stoschek Collection, Navine G. Khan Dossos)