To celebrate the launch of the Vans x MoMA collection, I was invited to curate a programme of Activations at Vans Covent Garden that created a space for community, art and learning. The programme was designed to bring a local, contemporary and interactive aspect to the collaboration, through engaging the public and commissioning exciting London artists whose practices reflect the ideas and processes of the artists in the Vans x MoMA collection.

The programme comprised a series of artist-led creative workshops, each exploring one of the featured MoMA artists’ work from a contemporary perspective and facilitating creative experimentation with materials and artistic concepts, while integrating an art historical context about the MoMA artist into the session.

The accompanying checkerboard installation was designed to showcase the work of three contemporary London-based artists through an immersive audio-visual environment (animated projected artwork and a voiceover by the artist), which delved into the scope of their work, their creative inspiration and processes.

Workshops led by
Jessica El Mal
Nick Kidd
Amy Leung
Jess Nash
Anna FC Smith
    & Klaire Doyle
Olivia Twist

Installations by
Liisa Chisholm
Jess Nash

* Due to COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, some of the creative workshops were redesigned to be facilitated through online sessions. The lockdown also meant the third checkerboard piece was unable to be installed.