Since 2018, I have been working with The Turnpike in Leigh. Here is some selected writing created for their exhibitions and programme.
Activations at The Turnpike (2021)
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︎︎︎ Bukky Baldwin creative workshop at The Turnpike as part of her Activations project with Everything Human Rights
Fallen Angels Dance Theatre & Frances Disley: Epic Luxe (2020)
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︎︎︎Behind the Scenes of ‘Epic Luxe’ performance by Fallen Angels Dance Theatre & Frances Disley
Understated: Celebrating the Creativity of Pete Shelley (2019)
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︎︎︎ Wall Texts

︎︎︎ Wall texts for ‘Understated’ Pete Shelley exhibition, The Turnpike
Liam Fallon: Supersymmetry (2019)
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︎︎︎ ‘Supersymmetry’ exhibition programme, The Turnpike (Image courtesy of Jump North)
The Turnpike Pottery with Lindsey Mendick (2018)
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︎︎︎ Installation views of ‘The Turnpike Pottery’